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Foldawheel PW-4x4Q All Terrain Stair Climbing Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

Foldawheel PW-4x4Q All Terrain Stair Climbing Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

Short Description

The Foldawheel PW-4x4Q is an All-Terrain Recreational Vehicle with all-terrain capabilities. It has a 4-Wheel Drive & a seat-aligning Gyro system that allows the PW 4x4 to handle rugged terrain including steep slopes, snow, sandy beaches, muddy or bumpy roads, etc. while keeping your weight right over the wheels for maximum safety and confidence. With its unique gyro balance system, the PW-4x4Q can also climb outdoor stairs* and curbs with a breeze. Let the PW-4x4Q help you enjoy destinations previously out of reach.

This product is not a medical device.

*Stair climbing has height and slope limitations. See below.

Basic Specs:

Drive Range: 12-18 miles Turning Radius: 19"
Top Speed: 4.4 mph Weight capacity: 330 lbs.
Max Slope: 30 deg Weight: 364 lbs.


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Max Speed 4.3 miles/hr
Total Weight of the Product 364 lb
Max Load Capacity 330 lb
Seat Width 20"
Seat Height (Front) 27"
Seat height (Back) 26"
Turning Radius 360° U-turn on the spot, with a turning radius of 48.4"
Seat to Floor 59"
Max Distance per Full Charge 12.5-18.5 Miles
Charging Time 8-10 hr
Max Slope Capability 30°
Max Step Height Capability 5"
Step Climbable Angle 25°
Battery Type Li-ion Battery
Level Rack Motor 300W x 1 pcs
Driving Motor 1350W x 2 pcs
Standard Wheel Size 15.5"
Beach Wheel (Optional) Size 16.5"
Brake Electromagnetic braking
Drive Manner Four wheel drive
Armrest Raisable (Height & Width adjustable)
Footrest Foldable
Backrest Foldable
Ground Clearance 2.5" 
Overall Width 29" (Standard Wheels)
35" (Beach Wheels)

Foldawheel Heavy Duty Power Chair; an All-Terrain Recreational Vehicle (PW-4x4Q)

There are many obstacles outside, especially if you are active and enjoy outdoor activities. PW-4x4Q is an all-terrain recreational vehicle that can help you overcome most of the environments you might encounter outdoors (For instance steps, snow, steep slopes, sandy beaches, muddy or bumpy roads, etc). 

Main Features:

  • Foldawheel Power Wheelchair PW-4x4Q is a 4-Wheel drive system (4WD) for all-terrain purposes.
  • The Gyro System automatically adjusts the seat angle which allows your body to maintain an upright position during stair climbing or at slopes. It also enabled the seat to power tilt-in-space for more comfort.
  • It can climb up and down stairs as high as 6″ at a 25-degree slope.
  • When traveling on a flat surface, you can operate with only 3 wheels to save electricity. (Just drop the 5th wheel and engage it to work with the 2 front wheels together).
  • It can travel up to 15 miles with 3 wheels and 11 miles with 4WD. Assuming the user weighs 165 lbs
  • The top driving speed is 4.35 mph
  • Dimensions: 47.2" x 29" x 59"
  • Total wheel-to-wheel width: 29"
  • Total Wheel-to-wheel width with beach tires: 35"
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Uses Li-ion Batteries (More durable and efficient vs. the traditional Lead Acid Batteries)
  • Able to make a 360° U-turn on the spot, with a turning radius of only 19″
  • Front, rear, and side LED lights and turn signals are obvious while driving at night
  • The flip-up armrest is height and width adjustable (between 19"- 23" wide)
  • 2nd user can stand behind the seat to travel together

 Cura360’s Product Review:

We have tested the PW 4x4Q, and here are our reactions.

The PW 4x4 from Foldawheel is a true All Terrain Power Wheelchair (Sometimes called an electric wheelchair). It has true 4x4 capabilities; that’s 4 motors, one on each wheel. It can even climb stairs!* With large-diameter wheels and a rugged underbelly, going over uneven terrain and obstructions are a breeze. In addition to 4 motors and large wheels, what really makes this power wheelchair truly one of a kind is the Gyroscope-controlled seat angle. For climbing up stairs and steep slopes, it's critical that the center of mass of the rider remains over the wheels to prevent tipping. The PW 4x4 controller senses the angle as you move up the slope, and then automatically adjusts the seat angle forward or backward accordingly. This allows the rider to concentrate on where they are going instead of worrying about tipping over.

Larger-width “beach” tires are available as an option for beach and snow-covered trails, further expanding the terrain that this power wheelchair can cover. Swapping tires is also a breeze for your caregiver as each wheel is removable with a single latch pin.

The 4-motor design also allows the user to spin on a dime! With a 4x4, 4 motor drive, the PW 4x4 can literally pivot in its own space.

Here at Cura360, we believe that “All Terrain” should include flat surfaces, not just rough outdoor surfaces. Other popular “All-terrain” wheelchairs are not suitable for indoor use as 4-wheel drives or tracks can damage flooring while turning. For flat terrain such as indoors, activate the PW 4x4’s Energy-Saver mode. This engages a rugged 5th wheel that actually lifts the back end of the PW 4x4 just slightly off its main rear wheels leaving only the front wheels touching the ground. This saves on the power used for these surfaces since 2 wheels will run more efficiently than 4, thus saving battery charge and extending your travel distance. It is also much easier on your floors!



*Maximum slope capacity: 30 degrees. Maximum step height (per step) capacity: 6". Maximum Step climbing angle: 25 degrees. The PW 4x4 is not well suited for climbing narrow steep staircases, whether indoors or outdoors.

Foldawheel Wheelchair Foldawheel All Terrain Wheelchair

There are no returns on Foldawheel products.

Foldawheel Series Lloyd Standing Series, PW-4x4Q. The warranty for the above wheelchair models is up to “5 years Limited International Warranty”

Parts Warranty Duration (years)
Wheelchair Frame 5
Motor and Controller 2
Battery 1





The following are not covered under this warranty: Backrest and seat cushion, armrest pad, and Storage/Travel Bags.

The warranty only covers NON-DELIVBERATE OR NON-ACCIDENTAL damage. Damage caused by user negligence, accidental damage, intentional or not, is not covered under this warranty. Products that have been subjected to negligence, abuse, improper storage, improper handling or operation, and any modification or misuse are not covered by this warranty. Any damage caused by improper usage, or normal wear and tear is not covered, and you should not use this warranty claim. If you are sure you need to file a warranty claim, please provide as much information as you can about the issue.

Upon warranty claim, we will ask for photos of the chair to verify its condition. If images cannot be provided, warranty parts will not be provided. Kindly provide pictures of your wheelchair upon claiming any warranty, especially if it involves the motors or frame. There is no exception to this policy.