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ScootaTrailer Large Capacity Scooter Powerchair Trailer

ScootaTrailer Large Capacity Scooter Powerchair Trailer

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The Trailer That Every Car Can Haul!

If there is a trailer hitch available for whatever vehicle you wish to tow with, whether it's a sub-compact, full-size, or SUV, it is capable of towing the ScootaTrailer™

ScootaTrailer™ can be easily connected & disconnected from the tow vehicle. Since the
trailer has a swivel caster wheel in the front, it is easy to roll the trailer to the vehicle, rather
than backing the vehicle to the trailer. The trailer also allows complete access to any vehicle’s rear trunk or hatch, while still connected to the tow vehicle.
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ScootaTrailer™ eliminates unnecessary strain on the tow vehicle, as it only exerts 35-75 pounds of pressure on the tow hitch, and keeps an even weight distribution, which maximizes stability, even for chairs & scooters that weigh up to 600 lbs.

ScootaTrailer™ can be easily connected & disconnected from the tow vehicle.  Since the trailer has a swivel caster wheel in the front, it is easy to roll the trailer to the vehicle, rather than backing the vehicle to the trailer.

With independent suspension, and a low center of gravity, the trailer is extremely stable minimizing bounce. Its unique design will never allow the unit to sway while being towed at highway speeds.

The optional top is lockable and therefore provides a deterrent for theft.

The trailer also allows complete access to any vehicle’s rear trunk or hatch, while still connected to the tow vehicle.

Loading and unloading is extremely simple and fast! Every trailer comes with four rope pull ratchets and ten tie-down points to fully secure your transport product!

ScootaTrailer™ is affordably priced, especially when compared to other transport products.  It’s easy to see that our unit often costs less than other transport products, even though they do not offer enclosed protection from the environment.

Most transport devices are open and leave the scooter/chair vulnerable to weather conditions.  The optional top, however, completely encloses the scooter/chair inside an all-weather chamber.

The trailer body itself has a long-lasting baked-on powder coat enamel finish that helps resist chipping and rusting.  The optional spray-in rubber bed liner is also available and creates even more resistance to damage from the elements during those long winters of wet salty roads.  

Any vehicle with a trailer hitch can tow a ScootaTrailer™!  In other words, ANY vehicle that a hitch is made for is enough vehicle AND enough hitch.  The ‘type of vehicle’, or ‘class of hitch’, is insignificant when it comes to towing a ScootaTrailer™.  ALL hitches; ALL vehicles!

A benefit of ScootaTrailer™ is that one rarely has to back up in the first place. 
Before parking, try to select a place that will allow pulling forward when it’s time to leave. If backing up is the only option, remember that the trailer is tall enough to be visible through the rear-view mirror. The ScootaTrailer™ will be snugly fit in some parking areas that have accessible van parking spaces; since they are usually longer and wider. Compared to the inconvenience of unloading, and loading, other transport products,  ScootaTrailer™can actually be more convenient, even if parking at greater distances becomes necessary. 
ScootaTrailer™ is equipped with LED lighting. The wire harness is completely enclosed in plastic conduit and uses a four-way flat plug, which is also the industry standard on most boat and utility trailers. 
ScootaTrailer™ is approved by the Department of Transportation! Our product is DOT-approved for all 50 states and all provinces of Canada.  Every unit comes with a Certificate of Origin, which may be needed at your local DMV for registration. 
(NOTE:  Each state has its own set of requirements regarding registration.  Contact your local DMV for answers)

Every ScootaTrailer Includes:

-Baked on Power Coat Enamel Paint

-Spare Tire and mount (No Tire Cover)

-Spray Rubber Coated Load Ramp (Assisted)

-Spray Rubber Coated Floor  (To Spray the Inside of the Whole Bed is an Option)

-Four 'Rope Pull' Tie Downs with 10 Locations

-Front Swivel Jack Caster Wheel

-Rear LED Signal Lights and license Light, Utilizing a Flat 4-pin Connector.

-Brushed Aluminum Fenders; Bolt-On 

-High Speed 145 x 12' LRD @ 1,250 lbs. each

-Torflex Rubber Ride Independent Suspension


The ScootaTrailer only weighs 400 lbs (475 lbs w/Aluminum Top Option)   

It Measures 66" Long by 37.5" Wide Inside

Overall Outside Length & Width:  93" x 54"

Outside Height, Top to Bottom:   63"

Bed Height is Only 9" from the Ground

Dexter® Torflex Axles Are Used on Every Unit

Equipped with 145 x 12" 8-Ply High-Speed Radial Tires

The Unit Requires a 2" Ball, and a 17" - 19" Ball Height

Each Trailer is Equipped with a Swivel Jack & Caster Wheel

The Safety Chains & Lighting Meet DOT Approval in all 50 States, and in Canada

ScootaTrailer Can Handle up to a 600 lb Powerchair OR Scooter

The One Year Limited Warranty is Provided with Every Unit

The product, known as ScootaTrailer, is Non-Returnable, except in the case of a manufacturing defect, and will be considered for a return for exchange or repair as the manufacturer deems necessary.

The recipient of the product, will have ten (10) days, from and including the day of delivery, to inspect it for any manufacturing defects. If the product is delivered and there are no reports of defects in materials or workmanship by Cura360 on your behalf within the allowable ten (10) day period, the product will be entirely non-returnable. A return is only allowed so that an exchange can be made for the defective part. There will be NO return with regard to a refund, and no such refund is either expressed or implied, either written or verbal.

Please be sure to inspect your delivery prior to the Driver leaving and report any and all damages due to shipping to Driver & to a Cura360 Specialist. ScootaTrailer takes no responsibility for damages caused by shipping.

You can contact a Cura360 Specialist at (833)207-3433 or by email





This trailer product is warranted against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for (1) one year from the original date of purchase from Tesh & Sons, Inc., or their authorized merchants. Within this period Tesh & Sons, at their discretion, will repair or replace this product without charge for parts and/or labor. Simply complete the bottom portion of this warranty sheet, detach, and mail it to Tesh & Sons, Inc., along with a copy of the bill of sale or proof of purchase.

This warranty does not cover: transportation cost for warranty work, or any repairs other than those provided by Tesh & Sons, Inc., without their expressed consent, damages or failures caused by, or attributable to acts of God, abuse, misuse, improper or abnormal usage, normal wear and tear, additions, deletions, or modifications not installed by our factory, or improper or neglected maintenance.

Tesh & Sons, Inc. shall not responsible or liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages arising out of, or in connection with, the use or performance of the product, or other damage with respect to any economic loss, or loss of property, personal injury, loss of revenues or profits, or cost of removal, installation or re-installation or storage fees. Tesh & Sons, Inc., at their option, shall be responsible only for the repair of the unit.