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Our Vision

Become a global leader, improving access and affordability to
health and wellness products and services.

Cura360 - Affordable Access to Health and Wellness

Cura360 is a destination created for “improving access and affordability” of Health and wellness products and services. We are obsessed to deliver and ensure "affordable access to health and wellness Products". We pride ourselves to ensure you get best service at the best prices. We think forward by working efficiently and give back the savings to you. We believe you deserve best care when it comes to accessing health and wellness and together, we believe we will make the world a better place...

At Cura360 we have built every segment of our business to drive efficiency and innovation, we got so obsessed behind driving technology innovation that we decided to offer technology innovation services to other businesses as well. We have a team of competent IT professionals that can solve different problems at the best price and fast speed…call us to learn more.

What Inspires Us

Best access at lowest price
Best access at lowest price

Cura360 is all about providing “Affordable Access to Healthcare”.

Best access at lowest price
Relentless Obsession

We are obsessed to help our customers and nobody can do it better than us.

Best access at lowest price
Challenge status quo

Anyone can suggest new ideas or challenge existing ones.

Best access at lowest price
Speed Matters

We move fast, forward and farthest so we can learn and apply before others.

Best access at lowest price
Data always wins

Cura360 understands “data will make us win” we run the entire business on one system.

Celebrate when we win
Celebrate when we win

This drives us to keep winning so we can open our office refrigerator.

Be Humble and Kind
Be Humble and Kind

That's why we are in this business…

Location - Cura360

We exist to help you from anywhere, our main location is

2418 Crossroads Drive, Suite#1700,
Madison, WI, 53718
If you need anything or you were not satisfied with your experience, please contact us at