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Advanced Orthopaedics Hard Plastic Support Low Profile Air Walker

Advanced Orthopaedics Hard Plastic Support Low Profile Air Walker

Short Description

Advanced Orthopaedics Hard Plastic Support Low Profile Air Walker has an inflatable bladder incorporated into the liner for increased immobilization of the lower leg, ankle, and foot. Designed for the treatment of stable fractures and ankle sprains. Lightweight, low rocker profile design for greater patient comfort. Cushioned heel for greater energy absorption. A wider rocker bottom design promotes a smooth energy-conserving gait. Fits either left or right. High height is designed for the treatment of stable fractures and ankle sprains. The low height is designed for less serious injuries such as stress fractures and post-operatively for foot procedures.

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Sizing: Measure according to shoe size

How to Apply:

  • Remove the liner from the brace
  • The air bladder is inside the liner
  • DO NOT inflate the bladder at this time
  • Wrap the liner around the patient leg and foot
  • Ensure the heel fits snugly into the portion first followed by the calf portion
  • The wrap should fit snugly, but not too tight
    Note:Â It may be necessary to adjust the fit of the wrap if swelling or edema decreases during the healing process
  • Attach one end of the straps onto the outside of the struts
  • In a seated position spread the side uprights of the brace and have the patient step into the boot
  • The foot should be positioned flat with the heel in the back of the boot
  • Affix the uprights to the liner
  • The uprights should be positioned parallel to the leg
  • Close the straps starting at the toes and working up the leg. Adjust the straps if necessary

    Note: The high-height walker has three top straps, whereas the low version has one top strap
  • The air bladder can now be inflated to provide a customized fit
  • To inflate, use the hand bulb by attaching it to the valve/tubing in the front of the liner
  • Squeeze the hand bulb repeatedly to inflate
  • Inflate until the support feels stable with gentle cushioning but not too tight


  • Only inflated to a comfortable level
  • Instruct the patient to check circulation to ensure not too tight
  • Air may be released from the bladder if needed
  • To release air, insert the bulb in engage the valve, and squeeze the liner to deflate
  • If slight air loss is experienced with extended wear, simply re-inflate following instructions


  • Â To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth
  • DO NOT submerge the liner in water, this could affect the functioning of the air bladder
  • Air dry away from heat
  • Do not machine wash or dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Spot-clean the brace with a damp cloth if needed


  • Â Wear as recommended
  • Always consult a physician when encountering persistent pain, discomfort, inflammation, or swelling


High Top Low Top  Top Size Male Shoe Size Female Shoe Size
320-AZ 320-LAZ X-Small Up to 4" Up to 4.5
330-AZ 330-LAZ Small 4.5-7 5-8.5
360-AZ 360-LAZ Medium 7.5-10 9-11
390-AZ 390-LAZ Large 10.5-13 11.5-13.5
398-AZ 398-LAZ X-Large 13.5+ 14+


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