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Vive Heated Massaging Knee Brace

Vive Heated Massaging Knee Brace

Short Description


Combining soothing heat, vibrating massage, and adjustable compression, the heated massaging knee brace relieves pain, swelling, and stiffness due to injury or arthritis


With three vibration massage modes, the knee wrap aids in relaxing tight, stiff muscles


Featuring three heating levels, the electric knee brace provides customizable heat therapy to soothe sore, aching knees


Includes three flexible Arctic Flex gel packs to provide gentle warmth when heated or cooling relief when frozen


Use with the included USB power cable or with the rechargeable battery for up to three hours of use per charge


Secured with strong fastener straps with easy pull tabs, the heated massage brace fits knee circumferences up to 26”


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For relieving pain, stiffness, swelling, and inflammation in the knee muscles and joints

For relieving arthritis, fatigue from overuse, and for general knee injury recovery


Length: 10.24”

Top fastener strap: 24”

Center fastener straps: 26”

Bottom fastener strap: 22”

Gel packs: 9.5” by 4.25”

Battery: 3.54” by 2.48” by 0.51”

Brace weight: 0.75 pounds

Gel pack weight: 0.62 pounds each

Battery weight: 0.22 pounds


Nylon, polyester blend

Clay gel

Nontoxic PVC

Battery Specifications

Type: Lithium-ion (Rechargeable)

Rated Capacity: 5000aAh, 18.5Wh

Input: 5V/2A

Output: 5V/2.1A

Use Time: 3 hours

Recharge Time: 6 - 7 hours

How to Use for Cold Therapy:

Place each ice wrap pack flat in the freezer for a minimum of two hours

Remove from the freezer and secure in the interior pockets of the wrap

Apply to the area to be treated

WARNING: Treatment time should not exceed 20 minutes

How to Use for Heat Therapy:

Place each pack in the microwave on a paper towel or paper plate

Heat on full power for 15 seconds

Remove the gel pack carefully from the microwave and knead to distribute heat evenly

Check for the desired temperature

To reheat, place the gel pack back in the microwave for 10-second intervals until the desired temperature is reached

Place the heated gel pack in the interior mesh pockets

IMPORTANT: While heating, watch the gel pack carefully. If it starts to expand, stop heating immediately

Heat Settings:

Low: 104°

Medium: 120°


Care Instructions:

Spot clean the Vive heated massage knee brace with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry

Rinse each gel pack under water and dry immediately with a lint-free cloth

Do NOT machine wash or dry.

What’s Included:

Vive Heated Massaging Knee Brace

Three Arctic Flex gel packs

5’ DC-USB power cord

8” DC-USB cord

Micro USB charging cable

USB wall power adapted

5000mAh battery

Illustrated users manual

One year guarantee

UPC: 810041986153

Product Number: SUP2077GRY

Shipping Weight: 3.66 pounds

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One year guarantee