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Therabody PowerDot Magnetic Pad 2.0

Therabody PowerDot Magnetic Pad 2.0

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Get the most out of your muscle stimulation by ensuring your electrode pads are in prime condition. This refill pack includes 2 rectangular electrode pads and 4 round electrode pads.

 •Each pack includes 2 rectangular electrode pads, 4 round electrode pads

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PowerDot for Period Pain? The unexpected benefits of TENS.

The effectiveness of PowerDot for pain, recovery, and performance is unparalleled. Harnessing the power of electrical pulses to block pain signals, PowerDot is an effective and natural tool for pain management. Now, PowerDot has a new program to help provide pain relief from menstrual cramps – The Period Pain Relief Program. Using scientifically proven high-frequency transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) 1, 2, the PowerDot Period Pain Relief program can be used as a safe and non-medicinal option for treating pain from menstrual cramping.

What causes period pain?

An overwhelming amount of people experience pain and cramping during their period. When menstrual pain occurs without any underlying pelvic condition, it is called primary dysmenorrhea, which research has shown impacts up to 95% of reproductive-aged women 3-6. In some cases, menstrual pain is due to a disease or pathological condition, which is known as secondary dysmenorrhea. This pain can interfere with normal day to day tasks and activities like preventing you from being physically active, having to miss work or school, impacting personal life, and leading to a decreased quality of life.

Up to 95% of reproductive-aged women are impacted by menstrual pain 3-6

Why do we have pain during our period? This pain is due to the production and release of prostaglandins just prior to, and during, your period. Prostaglandins are a type of hormone-like messenger that travel to the uterus, where they can cause blood vessels to constrict and stimulate the muscle of the uterus to contract- this leads to the pain and cramping typically felt during the first several days of the period.

How does PowerDot help relieve period pain?

Since the mid-1980s 7, TENS has been utilized specifically for addressing period pain with great results. High-frequency TENS 1 has been shown to reduce menstrual pain by 25% 8, be 7.2x more effective at menstrual pain reduction compared to a placebo 7, and reduced nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (i.e., ibuprofen) intake by 38% 9. The PowerDot TENS technology used in the Period Pain Relief Program uses scientifically designed preset parameters to help relieve cramping and period pain. Once you hit start, PowerDot instantly starts working to relieve pain and get you feeling your best.

TENS relieves period pain in a couple of ways. The first is known as the Gate Control Theory, where the electrical signals from the TENS device prevent the sensory nerves from sending information to the brain (closing the gate). Because this information does not reach the brain, the pain response is not registered by the brain. TENS can also relieve pain by stimulating the release of endorphins, which are “feel good" hormones produced by the body, acting as natural pain relief.

PowerDot offers versatility so people can tailor their use to their own pain points. You can choose from a variety of functions and options to use PowerDot to meet your needs. Whether that’s pain relief from minor body aches and pains, muscle recovery, or now period pain, PowerDot can be used for everything life throws your way, optimizing the way your body feels and functions.

Some key features for personalized period pain relief include:

– Smart, personalized mobile app experience
– Different pad placement options (butterfly pads or circle pads)
– Specific location of pain treatment (lower abdomen or back)
– Use the UNO or DUO depending on the extent of pain
– Adjustable intensity
– Adjustable session duration
– Unlimited use

When choosing the right device for you, the smarter and more personalized the experience, the safer and more efficacious the treatment. That’s the PowerDot difference.

Rectangular Pad Dimensions

3.5 in x 2 in
(9 cm x 5 cm)

Round Pad Dimensions
2.1 in diameter
(5.5 cm diameter)

0.05 lbs
(0.02 kg)

Hydrogel adhesive

PowerDot 2.0 only

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